Taniyama Mai

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Taniyama Mai


Given Name: Mai
Family Name: Taniyama
Japanese name: 谷山麻衣
Age: First appearance: 15
Sequel series: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm - 5' 1"
Weight: 40kg - 88lb (Vol. 4)
Birthday: July 3
Family: No named relatives (all deceased)
Occupation: Part-time Paranormal Investigator
Nicknames: Jou-chan (Takigawa Houshou)
Volume 1 (Prologue)
Japanese voice: Nazuka Kaori
English voice: Cherami Leigh

Taniyama Mai is a main protagonist in the Ghost Hunt series. She is a high school student in Tokyo and a part-time Paranormal Investigator at Shibuya Psychic Research.


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