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The Akuryō Series (悪霊シリーズ; The Evil Spirits Series) is a series of light novels written by Ono Fuyumi (小野不由美). They were originally published in eight volumes between 1989 – 1992 by Kodansha. A sequel novel entitled Akumu no Sumu Ie (悪夢の棲む家; The House in Which Nightmares Dwell) was later published in two parts in 1994 by Kodansha. The series was later retitled Ghost Hunt (ゴーストハント) and a series of rewritten novels featuring changes to the original series were released between 2010 - 2011 in seven volumes. This series was published by Media Factory. The rewrite editions feature art by Inada Shiho (いなだ詩穂), the author/artist of the Ghost Hunt manga.

Publication Information

No. Akuryō Series Rewrite Edition Plot Teaser
1 Akuryou cover 1.jpg
Are There Really Lots of Evil Spirits!?
August 5, 1989
ISBN 4-06-190311-X
Rewrite front cover 1.jpg
Ghost Stories of the Old School Building
November 19, 2010
ISBN 978-4-8401-3594-8
Accidents are rumored to always occur whenever the old wooden school building is being demolished. After an unexpected turn of events, high school first-year Mai arrives at an investigation in order to help Naru, the director of “Shibuya Psychic Research / SPR.” Numerous mysterious phenomena awaited her there. Are the spirits of those who died in the war haunting the old school building or—? Naru and Mai’s chance encounter is the starting point of this story.
2 Akuryou cover 2.jpg
There Really Are a Lot of Evil Spirits!
November 5, 1989
ISBN 4-06-190365-9
Rewrite front cover 2.jpg
The Doll's Cage
January 14, 2011
ISBN 978-4-8401-3688-4
The Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR) company begins the investigation of a Western-style house in which poltergeist phenomena frequently occur. Immediately following the start of the investigation, the phenomena become increasingly violent. Suspicious sounds, furniture moving on its own, the stove erupting into flames. Mai hears the client’s niece Ayami speaking to her antique doll. Takigawa Houshou, also known as Monk, tries to exorcise the spirit possessing the doll, but...
3 Akuryou cover 3.jpg
I Can't Sleep Due to the Abundance of Evil Spirits
March 5, 1990
ISBN 4-06-190417-5
Rewrite front cover 3.jpg
The Girl's Prayer
March 18, 2011
ISBN 978-4-8401-3862-8
SPR unexpectedly receives investigation requests one after another. All of them are related to the mysterious phenomena that have occurred at Yuasa High School in Tokyo. While proceeding with the interview process within the school, the existence of Kasai Chiaki, a girl with psychic powers, emerges. Is Chiaki at the center of the incidents? Malicious intentions eventually start targeting Naru and Mai! The third work in this mystery packed series.
4 Akuryou cover 4.jpg
Lonely Evil Spirits
September 5, 1990
ISBN 4-06-190485-X
Rewrite front cover 4.jpg
Dead Spirit Game
May 20, 2011
ISBN 978-4-8401-3911-3
Strange incidents at Ryokuryou High School are being reported daily. In response to a petition received from student council president Yasuhara, Mai and co. head there for an investigation. Innumerable ghost stories are whispered within the school, and the students are absorbed in playing a fortune-telling game called, “Worikiri-sama.” What’s the relationship between the series of incidents and a boy’s suicide four months prior? And what’s the meaning of Mai’s eerie dream?
5 Akuryou cover 5.jpg
I Don't Want to Become an Evil Spirit!
March 5, 1991
ISBN 4-06-190594-5
Rewrite front cover 5.jpg
Labyrinth of Fresh Blood
July 15, 2011
ISBN 978-4-8401-3978-6
As a result of repeated expansion and renovation, an enormous Western-style mansion acquired a maze-like structure. A series of missing persons occur in the surrounding area, which has been left unattended for many years. After scrutinizing the interior, Mai and co. noticed there were a number of suspicious hollows around the mansion. The past of the bloody mansion is gradually revealed. But the missing persons start anew—. The fifth work in this Gothic filled series.
6 Akuryou cover 6.jpg
Don't Call Me an Evil Spirit
October 5, 1991
ISBN 4-06-198575-2
Rewrite front cover 6.jpg
It Comes from the Sea
September 22, 2011
ISBN 978-4-8401-4245-8
Within the Yoshimi House, which has run a restaurant for generations, many people will die whenever the head of family changes ownership. Although the company set out to the Noto Peninsula in order to prevent additional calamity, Naru becomes possessed by an evil spirit and the team is forced to be Ghost Hunters without their leader. In the land where old beliefs such as Okobu-sama and the Tohachi Mounds still exist, who continues to curse the Yoshimi House?
7 Akuryou cover 7.jpg
I Don't Mind Evil Spirits! (Part 1)
September 5, 1992
ISBN 4-06-198696-1
Rewrite front cover 7a.jpg
Open the Door
November, 2011
ISBN 978-4-8401-4307-3
On the way back from Noto, an additional request is asked of the company, who were staying in cabins along the shore of a dam. It’s said that ghosts and foxfires have been witnessed recently in the abandoned school building standing on the slope of the mountain. Suddenly told by Naru that SPR is closing, Mai heads to the scene with confused thoughts. Without knowing there’s a major trap—. In this emotional concluding volume, the mystery from the first work in the series is unraveled.
8 Akuryou cover 8.jpg
I Don't Mind Evil Spirits! (Part 2)
October 5, 1992
ISBN ISBN 4-06-198697-X

No. Akumu no Sumu Ie Novels Plot Teaser
1 Akumu no sumu ie cover 1.jpg
The House in Which Nightmares Dwell (Part 1)
March 20, 1994
ISBN 4-06-255156-X
Having obtained their long-sought-after home, a series of inexplicable events occur in the personal lives of the Agawa mother and daughter. Why are all the windows fitted with mirrors? What’s the identity of Kosori on the other side of the full-length mirror!? “Shibuya Psychic Research” now uncovers the shocking truth!!
2 Akumu no sumu ie cover 2.jpg
The House in Which Nightmares Dwell (Part 2)
April 20, 1994
ISBN 4-06-255164-0

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