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Ghost Hunt Wiki's Manual of Style is a collection of guidelines for creating well-written articles. It consists mainly of rules and suggestions and is intended to encourage the creation of consistent and easy to read articles.


Articles in general

Some important rules:

  • Try to include categories (i.e. using [[Category:Name of category]]) when creating a new article (use other similar articles as example to know which categories to put). If you're unsure, please do not try creating new categories unless you know what you're doing. A moderator or experienced contributor will take care of them.
  • Try to always include a See also section if possible (and/or applicable). It's good practice for user-friendliness purposes (as it provides a useful and extra mean of navigation).
  • The References section should always be placed after the See also section but before the External links section.
  • If there's an External links section, it should always be placed at the end completely (i.e. last section on the page).


For section headers:

  • Only the first letter as well as people names should be capitalized.
  • Though quite rare, in some context, some common words may be capitalized (possibly following a discussion/talk about it).

In category names:

  • The first letter of the first word should be capitalized.
  • Common words should not be capitalized. Examples: "Hara family", "List of something", etc...
  • Some words that refer to people should be capitalized such as "Voice Actors", "Executive Producers", etc...

Naming convention

The convention below applies to articles about characters as well as real-life individuals:

Names should not necessarily use English conventions. For instance, use 'Taniyama Mai', not the English-styled 'Mai Taniyama'. Other forms of the name should redirect to the full/common one, if applicable.


If you cite novel chapters, manga chapters or anime episodes, please point to the corresponding wiki page of that chapter or episode. The format is as follows:

  • For novel chapters:
<ref>[[Novel title]], Chapter X.Y</ref>
  • For short stories:
<ref>[[Short story title]]</ref>
  • For manga chapters:

For the first manga series, please use the Kodansha Comics Nakayoshi edition (12 volumes) in the references.

<ref>[[Volume X|Volume X]], "Chapter title", page Y</ref>

The "page Z" part is optional.

  • For episodes:
<ref>[[Title|FILE X: Title]]</ref>

For more information on citing, creating references and footnotes, please refer to Wikipedia's Manual on citing sources.

Spoiler Policy


Character pages should use the Character template.


For any other standard issues not mentioned here, please try and follow Wikipedia's Manual of Style when making Ghost Hunt Wiki pages.

For more information, please visit: Wikipedia's Manual of Style

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