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Shibuya Psychic Research


  • John Brown
  • Hara Masako
  • Matsuzaki Ayako
  • Takigawa Houshou
  • Kasai Chiaki

Mai's classmates

  • Michiru
  • Keiko
  • Yuuri
  • Kuroda Naoko

Pratt laboratory

Part of the Society for Psychical Research.

  • Mori Madoka

Davis family

  • Oliver Davis
  • Eugene Davis
  • Martin Davis
  • Luella Davis

Zero Unit

Part of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office's Special Investigation Department.

  • Hirota Seigi
  • Nakai Saki
  • Kurahashi

Case characters

Are There Really Lots of Evil Spirits!? / Ghost Stories of the Old School Building

There Really Are a Lot of Evil Spirits! / The Doll's Cage

Ghost Stories in the Park!?

I Can't Sleep Due to the Abundance of Evil Spirits / The Girl's Prayer

Lonely Evil Spirits / Dead Spirit Game

Silent Christmas

I Don't Want to Become an Evil Spirit! / Labyrinth of Fresh Blood

Don't Call Me an Evil Spirit / It Comes from the Sea

I Don't Mind Evil Spirits! / Open the Door

Other Characters

From the short stories.